"shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames"
- The Log Lady, Twin Peaks

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Quiet at work.


I see you #cat

"The walls come down and down on me until they are suffocating me, and the silence is so loud I shriek and shriek to break it."

- Frances Stephens, The End of the Line

Torn #clouds

"…the inward life might be as manifold, as varied, as rich with experience, as the life of one who conquered realms and explored unknown lands."

- W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

#brooklyn (at 1 New York Plaza - Command Center)
maybe a little bit of color..
i don’t know

"As they leaped together along the night wind, the light waltz became the harsh clangour of the stars in their circuits, while a thousand laughing demons shrieked at them from scarlet clouds."

- Rachel Kemper, The Dancing Shoes

5/8”, i have reached 5/8” :]

"What on earth is the pleasure that full-grown and presumably intelligent men get out of murdering defenseless animals?"

- David Case, The Hunter